My New Journey

This begins a new journey for me. I will be uploading all sorts of things on here. Things from my everyday life, my business adventures, contests, fun facts, and many other interesting tidbit bits. I do different things and since I am so new to this I ask that you have patience with me as I explore more and expand my horizons. Thank you all and may God bless whomever reads these posts. 

My Magazine Sharing Network-Bolthouse Farms Mission

Behold the power of the pea! Introducing a new plant-powered, non-dairy milk with 10 grams of pea protein per serving. That’s more than almond milk, which has 1 gram of protein per serving, and dairy milk, which has 8 grams per serving.

Free of Dairy, Full of Plant Power!

Now available at the Kroger Co. Family of Stores, Bolthouse Farms Plant Protein Milk is packed with pea protein and has almost 50% more calcium* than dairy milk. Better yet, it’s non-GMO, vegan and doesn’t contain dairy, lactose, nuts, soy, gluten or carrageenan. And, it’s still big on flavor!


This is the #FreeSamp I received from #MyMagazineSharing to try and write an honest review on.

I have had a lot of different dairy free milk in my lifetime and this is probably one of my top 3 favorites. I enjoy soy and rice milk on a regular basis so, when this cam out I was curious to try it but wasn’t completely sure I wanted to spend the money up front on a large container in case I didn’t like it. So, when Kroger set me a coupon to try this for free I jumped on the chance to try it. I am so glad they sent the coupon to me. I really like the smooth taste of this “milk”. It has about the same sugars as rice milk and lactose free milk. (If you get the flavored variety) There is a distinct difference in the taste though.

If you like soy. almond, coconut, or rice milk I believe you would love Bolthouse Farms Plant Protein Milk.

*1 cup of 2% milk contains 293 mg of calcium; 1 cup of Plant Protein Milk contains 450 mg of calcium. Milk data from the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 28 (2016).

Kroger’s new Spa line!!

As a part of My Magazine Sharing Network I received a box filled with samples of Kroger’s new Spa line. I did receive these for free in exchange for my honest feedback on them.


I received 4 different sheet masks and a book of coupons for myself and some to share with friends and family.

I have had the opportunity to try all of them now and I think my favorite is the deep cleaning one. Although they are all very wet with the serums and cleansers that they use in them, this particular one showed the most improvement after one use.

**I believe that in order to give a “real” review of products like this you need to use them more than just once.**


I noticed right away the shine/oil was gone from my face. It was clean but without being overly dry. I actually felt like I had already used moisturizer on my face and I hadn’t.  I have already used my coupons to get more sheet masks because I really do like them a lot. I also shared the other coupons with friends and family. I used some of them to buy Epsom salt and bubble bath salts for my sister as a Christmas gift. ( I hope she doesn’t read this before Christmas lol)

If you haven’t already tried them I really think you should. They run about $2.50 each. There is also Epsom Salts and Epsom Salt Bubble Bath. Check out Kroger online or My Magazine Sharing Network for more information.

Introducing Daily Goodie Boxes

I was given the opportunity to review a box of goodies from Daily Goodie Box

Daily Goodie Box is a site that selects people to try different products for free and all they ask in return is to give your honest feedback on each of the products. This helps the different companies not only promote their products but it helps them better tailor the products to the consumers. Below is a photo of the box I received and then you’ll find individual photos, a link to where you can gather more information, and my personal feelings on each of the products. Yes, I received this box totally free to try but that doesn’t change my review of each of the products. Hope y’all enjoy reading about the different stuff. I know I enjoyed trying them all lol

I have provided links before each photo so you can easily check out more information on the products. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have questions. Also, if you’ve tried anything that is listed here please leave me your opinions on them as well I would love to know what you thought of each of them as well.


Baron Chocolatier – Chocolate Gummy Bears



These were a delightful surprise. I never thought that if you mixed gummy bears and chocolate that you would have something really tasty. These reminded me of those chocolate oranges that you break apart. With these you have a surprise in every bite. because they are covered in delicious milk chocolate you cannot see what fruit flavor you are getting. I also loved the fact that the gummy bears were not hard to chew. They were soft and chewy. You have to try these!! Oh and of Corse the kiddos like them!!

Lang’s Chocolates – Chocolate Covered OREO Cookies


Let me start by saying this is one of the BEST chocolates I have had in a long time. The chocolate that engulfs these cookies is rich and creamy! The cookies are crisp and not soft which is a nice surprise. I thought that the cookie part would have been soft because the chocolate that covers it was a nice amount. I definitely recommend this to everyone!!!

Ethical Bean – Lush Medium Dark Roast Coffee

https://shop.cdn.ethicalbean.com/products/lush-medium-dark-roast-whole-bean-coffee IMG_20171211_202901

This Coffee is so rich and dark roasted but it’s not bitter at all. It is very smooth and the notes that this coffee has is so light you can barely taste the differences between those notes and the bean themselves. This coffee is so good I cannot wait to have my next cup of it. I hope y’all enjoy drinking it as much as I did!

Ezywipe – Cleansing Towels



These were probably the most interesting this in this box. I had so much fun watching them go from looking like pieces of candy and becoming full sized sturdy paper towels that you can use to clean things with. It was so fun watching them as you can see in the video above. I’m sorry I get a little child like with things like this. Hope y’all enjoy it as much as I did. The absolute best part about these towels is that they come in the tube and they fit in your pocket. All you need is water to make them work. So, you can use them anywhere and they are strong enough that you can wash dishes with them.

Herbal Zap – Party Detox Herbal Supplement



I decided to use this as a cold drink. I mixed it with cold bottled water (6oz) like I was directed to do. You can hear the fizzing of it as it mixed with the water. Sounded like Alka-Seltzer tablets at first so I was expecting it to taste like that as well. I was so glad when it didn’t. It is strong in ginger and tastes like it has cayenne pepper in it. It was spicy to drink but it still tasted good. I am not big on spicy food and I was able to dink this without an issues. I also recommend that you stay close to the bathroom the day you drink this. I had digestion issues the evening of drinking this. Which means that it is good for detoxing the body. I hope y’all enjoy this as much as I do. 

B.O.S.S Food Co. – Superfood Bars

https://bossfoodco.com/shop/ img_20171212_192033600364750.jpg

This was so good! It was like eating chocolate covered bananas. Well, the flavoring was. The texture is like a protein bar. I absolutely loved the flavor. I will be buying more of these and I highly recommend you getting your hands on these too!!

Zahlers – Prenatal+DHA 300 Supplements



I don’t know how to give these a review to be honest. I can tell you that they were easy to swallow. They aren’t as large as the average prenatal vitamins I have had in the past. I feel like I normally do when I take muti-vitamins. I know that DHA is good for your brain and I would think it would be good in the developing brain of a baby as well.

Tiger Balm – Pain Relieving Patch



I have arthritis in my left shoulder and every time it rains it flares up. I used these patches on my shoulder the last time it flared up. I am so glad these actually work!! It was a tingly sensation at first and then it heated the area where the patch was adhered to my skin. At first I thought I was having an allergic reaction to the patch it’s self but within 5 minutes the heat went away and so did the pain. I definitely recommend these patches for pain relief.

My Cup Of Cake – Belgian Chocolate Cake

http://www.mycupofcake.com/index.php/professional-chef-s-apron.html IMG_20171211_203219 This is a rich decadent cake. I was leery about eating this since it was made in the microwave but after one bite I was hooked. I absolutely love the idea and ease of this. It took about 3 minutes to cook the cake and it tasted like I had been cooking it in the oven.  These would make great birthday gifts for friends and family members. I have a sister that I think would absolutely love these. Maybe something to thin about for her birthday.

Goddess Garden – Organic Sun & Skin Care 



The sunscreen and primer is very thick and a little goes a long way. It was sticky at first going on but it didn’t interfere with my make-up application at all. I feel it actually helped make the make-up last all day. I did notice that I was more oily after using this product. I am not sure if it was something to do with the sunscreen in this or if it was just my skin having an off day because I am trying new products. I would be willing to use this again.

Don’t forget to sign up for free, by clicking the link below, for your chance at getting a daily Goodie Box!!

Daily Goodie Box. It’s more than just Free Samples!

Review of Skinny Cow Ice Cream

I recently received a coupon for a free item from the Brand Skinny Cow via My Magazine Sharing Network. This was a huge opportunity to try something I had never tried before. I was so excited to try it. As soon as the coupons came in the mail I went to Kroger and picked out the Skinny Cow (R) Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream Bars. They are very rich and creamy and I was pleasantly surprised by their taste. I thought there was going to be an aftertaste of some sort and there wasn’t.  I am very pleased to report that we will be buying these again. I believe these will be a hit amongst my entire family in the future. Thank you, My magazine Sharing Network for this opportunity to try them.


Get money while you shop!!

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Newest Wal-Mart Beauty Box


  • Found charcoal sheet mask
  • Jergens wet skin moisturizer
  • Dove nutrium body wash
  • Treseme hair spray
  • Hask argan oil repairing mask for the hair

This is what came in my newest Wal-Mart Beauty Box. This is a free box but you pay the shipping on it. It comes 4 times a year and I believe the shipping is $5. So for $20 a year you receive on average 3 travel sized products and 2 full sized products that are usually hair masks or sheet masks. Just go to Walmart.com and search for beauty box. Enjoy!! I know I did!

Thanksgiving Feast

Even though Thanksgiving was in Thursday, we always hold a dinner for everyone the Sunday following. This year, we sent out invites to just about everyone we knew. We knew that not everyone was going to be able to make it but we sent out the invites anyway. I wasn’t sure how this year was going to go since I have been doing Ketogenic eating and the rest of the family isn’t. So, I made plans to do 2 dishes of everything. I started planning and prepping 3 days in advance. I was determined that it was going to be amazing. I had two amazing women from my church swing by and help me with some of the dishes. My family helped out by doing all the house cleaning in preparation for our dinner.

The menu was turkey and ham as the main dishes, green bean casserole with homemade cream of mushroom soup, one with onions, one without, two different corn casseroles, cornbread stuffing made with no corn or bread, one regular cornbread stuffing, deviled eggs (made by my friend Amber S.), Jalapeno poppers (made by Betty M.), mashed potatoes, cauliflower mash bake, and turkey giblet gravy for the sides. Desserts were sugar free pumpkin pie, sugar free cheesecakes, regular no-bake cheesecake, peanut butter cookies, sugar free chocolate chip cookies made with almond and coconut flour, sugar free pecan pie bars, and chocolate covered cherry bombs (cherries wrapped in brownies and dipped in chocolate).

I don’t think I left any thing out but in case I did anyone that was there can leave a comment and let me know what I forgot. Below are some photos from our dinner. If you would like a recipe of any of these let me know and leave a comment with your contact information and I will get back to you.

I pray everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and may you be blessed the remainder of this year and next.

*The corn muffins are what I used to make the no corn cornbread stuffing*